Thursday, May 01, 2008


In the name of ALLAH, The Creator & Selawat and Salam to Phophet Muhammad PBUH..

A new post from me..

I’d like to express my whisper words of love here, to my mum and my dad. I pray for both of you, may you always be blessed by ALLAH. I realized it until recently since time going smoothly.

I was so touched whenever I thought about my parents. Parents often make sacrifices for their children. That reminds me on how difficult it was to raise seven of us. And I am the eldest. Also, I am the only one girl child in my family. Although in fact, I have a younger sister but since it seems to be only once and for all. She didn’t have an opportunity to see the world. My mum faced the problems on her birth. ALLAH loves her more. AL-FATIHAH for my beloved sister, Siti Zaleha, although we never there with you.

Mum’s love always being expressed, occasionally on dad. Women have more intuition rather than men. That’s why mum could be the best companion for their children. Definitely, she’s the one.

For mum and dad, a best Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Father’s Day wish from us for today, tomorrow and ever. We do really love you.

I can’t imagine how it would be without my mum and dad..

Satu... kasih yg abadi
Tiada tandingi dia yang satu
Dua... sayang berpanjangan
Membawa ke syurga kasihnya ibu

Tiga... lapar dan dahaga
Rela berpayahan setianya ayah
Empat... mudah kau ketemu
Berhati selalu beza antara
Kasih dan kekasih

( korus )
Ibu kuingat dahulu
Menyisir rambut ku kemas selalu
Ayah menghantar ke sekolah
Bergunalah ilmu bila dewasa

Sayang dengar lagu ini
Untuk kau sandarkan buat pedoman
Jangan manis terus ditelan
Pahit terus dibuang... itu bidalan
Harus kau renungkan

Aris Ariwatan

Thursday, March 20, 2008

i stressed so should be calm

I think I'm in need of rest for the time being. But however, I wondered what kind of matter made me tired. Though not so real physically, but mentally I could felt the effect, only for me. But after all, I knew what the goodness for this kind of matter happen back to me, indeed.

If there is no big deal to finish up, I would join my father going home this weekend (PBSM? Hehe :) Eventually got new plan for this week, without escape two hours session lecture on Friday.

This Thursday is public holiday for Maulidur Rasul. Selawat and salam to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. My college has competition on hafazan. I interested to take part, but it seems to be that I can’t..

Then, thesis need to be submitted on 10th April. There has been some confusion about the date for me.. no matter it is, I must complete my writing at all. My sequence result doesn’t coming yet. Sis Liyana mentions it will come this week but she doesn’t know exactly the day. I stressed thinking about that. Hopefully, there is no problem with the blasting. I feel hopeful for that. Although can not get homolog for ACO gene, but at least please be homolog as a part of other gene. I could not be so optimistic like Kevin. I have no effort on it again. To start the characterization, I need to finish my drafts first, after that ready to spend time for extraction again.

Someone spend us tonight. Thanks my dear friend. It is been a long time we wouldn’t get along together since everybody was busy on our lab works. A lot of story had been talked. Story about friends, study, future job and life. I realized too. It is not easy to overcome the hardship on this unguessable life. So be strong my friends and let The Almighty decides our way. Please remind me too. Keep in mind that life here only for a while, so preparation for life afterwards need to be done, and also to keep in mind to settle the debts.